Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well played, Al(x)ne. -Clyde

So this it? The big event you had planned for the 10th? Ron is alive, but Indoctrinated. And we have untilt he 20th to get him back or else he will disappear forever? Very well. I'll play your game. I'll even get Ron back from your clutches.

In response to Clarice's entry. Misgivings about telling the whole world our story, aside, I doubt my lips can be Unsealed.


  1. Please, be safe, and don't do anything to idiotic. ;)

  2. Why don't you just forget about Ron, Clyde? He can't be saved now. He's one of us now.

  3. Um, no. You see Black Leaf, it doesn't work that way. You've taken Ron from us. Now. We take him back. And we leave you to burn.