Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scouting Mission success -Clyde

I don't have much time right now, but this is what I've found out. Somehow, they have Wi-fi in The Ruins, likely thanks to the influence of He That Is. Ron is being held in the same cell he rescued Clarice from. I also know all possible locations within The Ruins they could keep him in, so there's little to no point in moving him even now that I've let the entire internet in on that tidbit. Al(x)ne overconfident enough that I know he won't, anyway. The much mentioned Lone Hunter appears to out on other duties which will remove him from the equation at least until mid-April, but Al(x)ne set the deadline to rescuing Ron on the 20th of this month, so we have ten days to get him out of there before he's handed over to He That Is and disappears once and for all.

Security in The Ruins is not perfect, and never will be. You just have to know how to slip in between the cracks. Getting back out is the difficult part, as there's almost no chance of escaping unnoticed.

I saw Ron. He is in no condition to make a speedy getaway without help. I don't think I can move him to this side quickly enough to get him out and avoid capture, myself, by myself.

Then the final step would be just getting him out of Boston, as that would be best for him, and it's what he's wanted all ths time, anyway. Any volunteers?


  1. I would help, but i live nowhere near Boston and have less combat experience then the average Duck.

  2. im back in the game.

    Im not turning back now. I'm prepared to fight.