Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three's Company

Everyone's here, even if it is only until tomorrow when Blake leaves.
Blake managed to get Clyde's keepsakes to me. They were his engagement ring to me, and his Great-Grandfather's pocket watch.

Today, Pete and Blake are heading out together to find a place to test the 'lone human among the decoys' experiment. I'm watching Ron tonight.
The symbols have been successful in holding It back for days now, as we've been very good about replacing them all. The neighbors think we're nuts, but I frankly don't care. It's our summer condo and we're going to line the edges of the property with Operator Signs and Ichthus-Operators to keep Slenderman no closer than the sidewalk or surrounding fences as we wish.
I know we'll have to leave, eventually, but it won't be anytime in March and hopefully not in April, either.

Pete took a liking to the place very quickly. He's told me he feels at home here. When not taking care of Ron or setting up Experiment 9, he's usually reading. He gets the TV by night, as he sleeps on the couch. My only problem with him is that he keeps forgetting to turn it off before falling asleep...

Ron has not been a problem. In fact, he's absolutely inactive when not mechanically going though the motions of eating or other basic activities. His mind is still very clouded by having been exposed to the Slenderman for so long. Though now he at least seems to know where he is and who we are and he sleeps much more peacefullly now. As long as we can keep Slenderman a bay I think we have a shot at rehabilitating him.

That's it for now.

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