Saturday, March 12, 2011

The second descent -Clyde

Following the example set by Ron, this is a scheduled post set to be entered onto the blog publically long after Slice and I have entered The Ruins.
The plan is simple. Kelly is to draw out and engage He That Is while Liam and Johnny will light up the night of Charleston much as Slice and Ron once did to draw out proxies. The point of both distractions is to remove He That Is and as many of his followers from The Ruin as possible. It matters not if Al(x)ne knows it is a trick. Kelly, Liam, and Johnny will create enough chaos that they cannot be ignored in favor of us. By the time you read this entry, Al(x)ne, it will have been hours since we set out to enact this. You may even be burning.

Even if this fails, there will still be another chance.

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