Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Us -Clarice


This is Clarice. I'm officially Running now. Another reluctantly. I didn't want to play running scared little girl, but Clyde convinced that the only way he could go back in Boston and expect to get anything done was if he wasn't constantly paranoid about me being abducted again. He's already back there and looking for Ron now. He's keeping quiet for his own safety. I figure I can tell that much about his whereabouts by now, given that he's probably already raised enough hell that Allen and Blake probably already know he's gone back.

On another note: Though Clyde wants to remain relatively unknown, I feel you need to hear our story. It began around September in 1999. The memories of that time just came back to me recently. Apparently they were sealed as part of the deal between Clyde and Blacke and...That. Whatever It is.

Clyde Ross - The man you know as Cerberus.

Blake Andrew Fletcher - The man you know as Black Leaf.

Lucy Davis(-Fletcher) -Blake's girlfriend at the time, and presently, his wife.

Clarice Wood - me.

It all started back in the Museum where Blake, who was a Literature Graduate, Master's Degree, worked as an assistant to a professor who studied Anglo-Saxon relics. Appropriately, Clyde was a security guard at that same museum at the time. In fact, the two were old high school friends, and Blake was responsible for getting Clyde his job there. The connection the rest of us shared with Blake was how we came to be dragged into this.

Blake came across "Der Grossman's" "myth" and studied it in-depth, eventually taking notice of several similar myths from all over the world at different times. One being something I think he called "the tall lord" (I think) in one particularly grusome fairy tale which ended with It going down a chimney while carrying severed heads.
Eventually, Blake began to believe the possibility that the creature in these myths might have some basis in truth. Well, I don't need to state what happened next. Learning about the Slenderman, let alone starting to believe in It before ever even seeing It, is enough to make It aware of you.

And of Blake It did become aware. The change in his behavior was almost immediate. Paranoia, he became easily startled, wasn't getting enough sleep, and excessively recording himself with a video camera. Then Clyde began to see It. Then Lucy. Finally, me.

At first, we didn't know what to make of this odd thing that had infected our lives, and then things got worse. In ways all of you are all too familiar. We tried to reason with It, negotiate with It, bully It, buy It off, battle It off, and even outsmart It. Somehow, It always had the upper hand, and this continued from Sept. 1999-April 2nd 2000.

One day, we were planning to try out fire against it. We made the mistake of going into the woods. Its realm. It grabbed Lucy and I with it's tendrils and we heard it spell out the conditions of the two of us keeping our lives to Clyde and Blake. They become it's faithful servants, and we got our minds completely blanked of the terror and go free.

Believe it or not, Clyde was actually the first to agree, and he had to convince Blake to go along with it. Clyde and I then moved elsewhere where he could watch the Lost Ones.
Lost Ones - people who disappeared and never reappeared. We never understood why It wanted a watchman for where It takes them, but Clyde was sent there everyday, nevertheless.
Likewise, Blake and Lucy were moved to Charleston, Boston.

I eventually came to know of the monster's existance again on my own. I've seen my Clyde talk with It many times without his notice. I followed many of your blogs without comment. Not daring to comment. Eventually, I came across "Drew's Box 'o' Stuff" where I read of Ron's imprisonment and how he was being kept alive for sport. That was the last straw and I confronted Clyde about it and begged him to do something to aid Ron. So Clyde, under the guise of Cerberus, sent out anagrams. He would agree to do no more at the time.

Shortly after, Blake came and kidnapped me. I was kept at his home at first.
Listen, about Blake... I know this may be hard, but try not to hate Blake too much. I've seen the monster toy with him. I once confronted Blake about his role in "The Hunt", and it at first seemed like I was getting through to him. Then Lucy entered the room and passed a window. Slenderman appeared by that window, staring directly at her. The same thing happened when I again tried to get him to reform. While Blake's role in all this is inexcusable, you have to somewhat understand. I saw that thing threaten his wife each time he wavered and did less than act with a mask of sadistic glee at tormenting Ron. Yes, I suspect some of his online and 'Masked' personality were just an act, but I do believe his work under It is warping him. I don't know if he can ever be saved. For Clyde's sake, I hope he can.

Now I Run as many of you have before me while Clyde sets off for Boston. Confession time. I convinced him to go back. I wanted to save my own rescuer. He threw it all away for someone he never met before, save for seeing me at the 'ceremony' that one time.

I know you'll be angry that I shared this, Clyde. But they have a right to now. Plus, I hope that a way to unseal Clyde's lips can be found so that he can tell all about what Slenderman does with disappeared people.

Until next time. Fairwell.

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