Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Gate Keeper Arrives

To Blake Andrew Fletcher, the Black Leaves,

Black Leaf, my old friend, I can see serving Him has eroded your heart even more than it has mine. Do you not remember why we joined Him to begin with, together, as He literally dangled Clarice and Lucy above our heads? How He was seconds away from taking our respective lovers from us when we offered ourselves to Him. Then He erased their memories of the event and we've been His faithful pawns ever since. That is, until now. Though you seem to have some humanity left, since you are helping me now, friend.
Despite your best efforts to rid yourself of me, I have arrived in Boston very much alive. A band of proxies and a Revenant? Really? You surely did not think such little resistance could truly stop one tasked with guarding where He sends the Lost Ones. Thank you for opening the way and for looking after Clarice, Blake.
I'm coming, Clarice.

To Ron and Slice,

It was foolish to go against He That Is as you are. You are fortunate to still be alive. Leave this to me. I will get the Brand which removes the Mark, myself, while in the process of rescuing my Clarice. You know what to do, Blake.
I do not look for me. I will find you when I return.

Lastly, to my beloved Clarice,

Do not worry. Do not fear. He will not claim you as long as I'm around. He That Is can never have you. I'm here. I've arrived. I'm coming for you. I will save you.

I go now. I will not be able to comment until I return.

A bit of knowledge before I go:

Charleston, Boston is a very old stronghold of He That Is. He has been here ever since the American Industrial Revolution and has long had men such as Al(x)ne buying land and gaining influence to make it easier for Him to control Charleston, as that has been His base of operations for many decades now.

The Mark and The Brand: I do not know His purpose in creating The Brand that Marks humans, or His reasoning in choosing Ron as the subject of this cruel game, but the fact of the matter is, He That Is could Mark any human He wishes during periods of Lost Time. The Brand must be obtained to free Ron, and then I will destroy it. It is one of a kind, as He That Is has not been able to replicate the device.
To get there, I must enter The Ruins. None can reach them save for those granted the ability by He That Is. Even Conduits and Seedlings cannot enter there without the permission He That Is. It is for that reason that Ron could search Boston forever and never be able to free himself of the Mark. He is quite literally unable to enter the realm where the Brand is kept to do so. The number of beings who can enter The Ruins at will are as follows: He That Is, Al(x)ne, Black Leaf, The Lone Hunter who has yet to set his piece down in this game, and myself. Proxies, lesser agents, or Victims, can be allowed in if escorted by one of the former.

The Ruins: It is a small plain located in a rift between our world and His. Its appearance is that of a ruined, rotting mockery of a human town where His servants can gather and never be bothered by His enemies. Ron has seen this place once before. It is the place he went on Febuary 27th. The ruined place where he witnessed a Ceremony and met Al(x)ne.
The entrance on our side is located in Charleston. Anywhere and everywhere in Charleston. The entire location acts as a big proxy for He That Is to do with as He sees fit. In guessing that much, the one called Slice was correct.


  1. Hey, hey, hey! Look whose decided to join the party!
    So you've already headed out, then? You really think you can take on the entire stronghold Slender Man was erected here by yourself? Alright, but this revelation about "The Ruins" and Charleston kind of leaves me without anything I can do.

  2. ill check it out. glad you're okay.

  3. I await you, Hellbeast. Come on then.

  4. Cerberus?

    Can we arrange a meeting?

    If so, I would love to meet you.

  5. Al(x)ne's a high level Agent. This could be trouble....