Monday, March 28, 2011

One Calamity After Another

Slenderman must really want us, bad. Day after day, it's been a siege in one form another. What did we ever do to It? I mean, yes, Ron and myself are both escaped convicts as far as It is concerned, and Pete is the one who has been protecting us both, but It necessitated all this, Itself. Why is It so cruel? What does It want with humans at large? What do we offer that It wants?

I don't know how much longer we can stay here. I've done my best to set things up to make it possible for us to hold up for months here if we have to. However, if Slenderman and his ilk keep hammering us like they have been, we may have to abandon this place soon. We can't do that yet. Ron's still unconscious from his encounter with Slenderman earlier. Oh, I hope we can wake him, but nothing we do seems to work.

I'll stay in touch and let you know our progress.


  1. Well. . . this has happened before.

    It'll probably end soon but if it doesn't. . .

  2. Just hold on. Things will get better. Let us know if we can help.

  3. We just may at this point. If Ron doesn't wake up from his slender induced coma...I...I don't know anymore.

  4. Don't lose hope. Once you do, He's won. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but this is what you need to hear: it's going to get worse long before it gets better. Stay strong, you two.

  5. Listen to ol' BL. We can't have the other team forfeiting after just the preliminaries. The ball hasn't even gone into play yet.