Monday, March 21, 2011

Everything's ready, guys (Pete, Ron, and Blake).

I've arrived and set up the condo to house up to four people right now. I'll be here when you arrive, yourselves. Stay as long as you want.

I've also already bought a home computera, printer, and a ton of paper and masks. I've also erected a barrier using the symbols that work. I've hung Pete's Ichthus-Operator Symbols around out front, around, and back. Ordinary Operator Symbols at the windows, as well as regular eye symbols all around to keep Slenderman moving as if he were being watched even if I lose sight of him.

I have all the necessary trappings to hold out here for a while. Thankfully, Clyde's 'job' under Slenderman garnered in enough money to last a well beyond my lifetime, which we were able to get out of the bank before it taken back. Take as much as you need whenever it is you, leave, guys.


  1. You're an angel, Clarice, but I won't be able to stay long. Maybe a night or two, but then I HAVE to move on.

  2. Thank you again. I don't know how long Ron and I will be able to stay, but we accept your hopsitality gladly.
    Just make sure you have fresh Operator or Ichthus-Operator Symbols ready and up when those first ones wear out. For whatever reason, they incite wrath from Slender Man.

  3. I understand, Blake. Good luck.

  4. You sure about this, BL? Is there anything we can do to help with the situation with Lone Hunter?