Friday, April 22, 2011

His family has tried to contact us.

We told them we would answer some questions at the funeral, but we wouldn't be staying any longer than that. Right now, Pete and I are formulating answers to them to likely questions.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

They're taking Ron back home for burial.

Pete and I are going with them. We'll be attending his funeral back at his home. God rest him.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We hear sirens.

We're on the move. Pete's driving. We hear sirens, but we don't know if they're for Ron. Dammit, Ron, please be alright.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Peering in from the yard.

I can practically feel when Slenderman is nearby by now. It's here, no doubt. Experiment 10 is a-go.

From a friend -Anonymous

Concur near you.

Stout heroes.

115 111 bA== 76 01100101

Pete's Release Date:

He wasn't hurt too badly, luckily. He took some knife wounds to the arms, left shoulder, and a shallow to his stomach. The doctors want to keep him at least one more night.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Amigos and Plans




Alright, guys, it's back to symbolism testing with Pete. I'm helping out, and any suggestions for symbols we could try out would be of great help.
I know I can't exactly trust myself just yet, but I can't just do nothing. From what I've gathered, I've done quite a bit of that already.

I'm unsure of whether of not to go back to testing religious symbols, but the Ichthus did yield some results via the Ichthus-Operator Symbol.
I've also considered another decoy experiment. We're going to make a decoy move to see if the construct follows it.

Hello. I'll be supplying the escape vehicle if necessary.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Amigos

I don't know why Slenderman did this. Perhaps he thought we weren't enough of a challenge with Ron helpless and proxified, but whatever. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth even if this was Its doing, this once. I'm glad all three of us have clear minds and can work together at last. With Ron reenabled, things should start to improve around here.

Going after Ron.

No no no

Monday, March 28, 2011

One Calamity After Another

Slenderman must really want us, bad. Day after day, it's been a siege in one form another. What did we ever do to It? I mean, yes, Ron and myself are both escaped convicts as far as It is concerned, and Pete is the one who has been protecting us both, but It necessitated all this, Itself. Why is It so cruel? What does It want with humans at large? What do we offer that It wants?

I don't know how much longer we can stay here. I've done my best to set things up to make it possible for us to hold up for months here if we have to. However, if Slenderman and his ilk keep hammering us like they have been, we may have to abandon this place soon. We can't do that yet. Ron's still unconscious from his encounter with Slenderman earlier. Oh, I hope we can wake him, but nothing we do seems to work.

I'll stay in touch and let you know our progress.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Regaining Humanity

For anyone interested in Ron's condition, there seems to be some progress. Ever since last night, he has been more responsive to Pete and I and his mind more active. He's still far from a complete recovery, but we're getting there.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Safe return

Pete just walked in. He's in no mood to talk right now and said he'd explain everything after a night's rest. I've called Blake and he's on his way back. Thank the Lord everything turned out okay.

Pete has disappeared.

Crap crap crap! As seen in the link, Slenderman has taken Pete. Blake is out looking for him. God be with them both.

Three's Company

Everyone's here, even if it is only until tomorrow when Blake leaves.
Blake managed to get Clyde's keepsakes to me. They were his engagement ring to me, and his Great-Grandfather's pocket watch.

Today, Pete and Blake are heading out together to find a place to test the 'lone human among the decoys' experiment. I'm watching Ron tonight.
The symbols have been successful in holding It back for days now, as we've been very good about replacing them all. The neighbors think we're nuts, but I frankly don't care. It's our summer condo and we're going to line the edges of the property with Operator Signs and Ichthus-Operators to keep Slenderman no closer than the sidewalk or surrounding fences as we wish.
I know we'll have to leave, eventually, but it won't be anytime in March and hopefully not in April, either.

Pete took a liking to the place very quickly. He's told me he feels at home here. When not taking care of Ron or setting up Experiment 9, he's usually reading. He gets the TV by night, as he sleeps on the couch. My only problem with him is that he keeps forgetting to turn it off before falling asleep...

Ron has not been a problem. In fact, he's absolutely inactive when not mechanically going though the motions of eating or other basic activities. His mind is still very clouded by having been exposed to the Slenderman for so long. Though now he at least seems to know where he is and who we are and he sleeps much more peacefullly now. As long as we can keep Slenderman a bay I think we have a shot at rehabilitating him.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming Together

Well, I've just gotten back from picking Pete and Ron up at the train station. We're all here, safe and sound, at the condo. It'll be a little cozy once Blake gets here, but it should be alright.
The downside is that horrible monster is ever diligent is watching us.Its tendrils twitch and move with anticipation of the kill. Thankfully, I have enough paper to keep putting up fresh symbols for months.

Speaking of which, Pete has a new idea for an experiment. He said he only needs an abandoned area and someone to keep an eye of Ron for a while to set it up. Chicago, being a big city, will have no shortages of abandoned areas, and I can keep an eye on Ron. I've already offered to do so as often as Pete needs.

I'm just happy to be of help. I feel like I've been a burden to everyone involved. It feels good to repay the favor and play a role, however small.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Everything's ready, guys (Pete, Ron, and Blake).

I've arrived and set up the condo to house up to four people right now. I'll be here when you arrive, yourselves. Stay as long as you want.

I've also already bought a home computera, printer, and a ton of paper and masks. I've also erected a barrier using the symbols that work. I've hung Pete's Ichthus-Operator Symbols around out front, around, and back. Ordinary Operator Symbols at the windows, as well as regular eye symbols all around to keep Slenderman moving as if he were being watched even if I lose sight of him.

I have all the necessary trappings to hold out here for a while. Thankfully, Clyde's 'job' under Slenderman garnered in enough money to last a well beyond my lifetime, which we were able to get out of the bank before it taken back. Take as much as you need whenever it is you, leave, guys.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clyde Ross (1977-2011)

Our time together was too short, love. So many regrets. So many things I wish I would have done differently. Should I have begged them to allow Lucy and myself to be taken that day? Should I have acted sooner? Should I have worked alone and not convinced Clyde to intervene? Should I have stayed with him?
Why? Why did this have to happen? I have nothing but questions.
Without you, Clyde. Without you... What do I do now?

I curse the name Slenderman. I curse with everything I have and am.

Clyde... Forgive me.

Blake... Pete... Thank you both. At least Ron was saved. I will pray for his recovery.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Blood-stained hands. -Clarice

I'm I'm not well right now

A man just broke into my hotel while I slept and tried to drag me outside into the neaby woods. I killed him. I killed him by hitting him with a lamp I grabbed before dropping the TV onto his head. My hands are literally stained with his blood.
The Slenderman watched from the window. When i killed his servant, It left.
Not feeling too well right now. Thankfully, my assailant thought to close the door. So I'm checking out and heading for the nearest bus stop now. I hope to see you all soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is my fault -Clarice

I shouldn't have pressured him to go back, or I shouldn't have given in when he insisted I leave while he went back alone. Damn it, why?

I don't know what to do? Why this is happening to people? Slenderman... You will pay for all of this, someday. I don't know how, when, or where, but you will. I swear it. Nothing short of a god is invincible, and you are no god, Slenderman. Don't worry, I'm not about to do something stupid that will get me caught, too. Pete has contacted me via email (God only knows how he got it) and told me to just do as Clyde told me and Run, for now.

Fine. I'll play helpless running damsel for now.

Clyde, please come back. Please be alright.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clyde, where are you? -Clarice

Ever since the second descent, you and Slice have both disappeared. If you can, please reply. Send me word.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The second descent -Clyde

Following the example set by Ron, this is a scheduled post set to be entered onto the blog publically long after Slice and I have entered The Ruins.
The plan is simple. Kelly is to draw out and engage He That Is while Liam and Johnny will light up the night of Charleston much as Slice and Ron once did to draw out proxies. The point of both distractions is to remove He That Is and as many of his followers from The Ruin as possible. It matters not if Al(x)ne knows it is a trick. Kelly, Liam, and Johnny will create enough chaos that they cannot be ignored in favor of us. By the time you read this entry, Al(x)ne, it will have been hours since we set out to enact this. You may even be burning.

Even if this fails, there will still be another chance.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Summons -Clyde

To anyone who will come: Slice, Core, Liam, Pete, anyone. Come now. Time is short.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scouting Mission success -Clyde

I don't have much time right now, but this is what I've found out. Somehow, they have Wi-fi in The Ruins, likely thanks to the influence of He That Is. Ron is being held in the same cell he rescued Clarice from. I also know all possible locations within The Ruins they could keep him in, so there's little to no point in moving him even now that I've let the entire internet in on that tidbit. Al(x)ne overconfident enough that I know he won't, anyway. The much mentioned Lone Hunter appears to out on other duties which will remove him from the equation at least until mid-April, but Al(x)ne set the deadline to rescuing Ron on the 20th of this month, so we have ten days to get him out of there before he's handed over to He That Is and disappears once and for all.

Security in The Ruins is not perfect, and never will be. You just have to know how to slip in between the cracks. Getting back out is the difficult part, as there's almost no chance of escaping unnoticed.

I saw Ron. He is in no condition to make a speedy getaway without help. I don't think I can move him to this side quickly enough to get him out and avoid capture, myself, by myself.

Then the final step would be just getting him out of Boston, as that would be best for him, and it's what he's wanted all ths time, anyway. Any volunteers?

Well played, Al(x)ne. -Clyde

So this it? The big event you had planned for the 10th? Ron is alive, but Indoctrinated. And we have untilt he 20th to get him back or else he will disappear forever? Very well. I'll play your game. I'll even get Ron back from your clutches.

In response to Clarice's entry. Misgivings about telling the whole world our story, aside, I doubt my lips can be Unsealed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Us -Clarice


This is Clarice. I'm officially Running now. Another reluctantly. I didn't want to play running scared little girl, but Clyde convinced that the only way he could go back in Boston and expect to get anything done was if he wasn't constantly paranoid about me being abducted again. He's already back there and looking for Ron now. He's keeping quiet for his own safety. I figure I can tell that much about his whereabouts by now, given that he's probably already raised enough hell that Allen and Blake probably already know he's gone back.

On another note: Though Clyde wants to remain relatively unknown, I feel you need to hear our story. It began around September in 1999. The memories of that time just came back to me recently. Apparently they were sealed as part of the deal between Clyde and Blacke and...That. Whatever It is.

Clyde Ross - The man you know as Cerberus.

Blake Andrew Fletcher - The man you know as Black Leaf.

Lucy Davis(-Fletcher) -Blake's girlfriend at the time, and presently, his wife.

Clarice Wood - me.

It all started back in the Museum where Blake, who was a Literature Graduate, Master's Degree, worked as an assistant to a professor who studied Anglo-Saxon relics. Appropriately, Clyde was a security guard at that same museum at the time. In fact, the two were old high school friends, and Blake was responsible for getting Clyde his job there. The connection the rest of us shared with Blake was how we came to be dragged into this.

Blake came across "Der Grossman's" "myth" and studied it in-depth, eventually taking notice of several similar myths from all over the world at different times. One being something I think he called "the tall lord" (I think) in one particularly grusome fairy tale which ended with It going down a chimney while carrying severed heads.
Eventually, Blake began to believe the possibility that the creature in these myths might have some basis in truth. Well, I don't need to state what happened next. Learning about the Slenderman, let alone starting to believe in It before ever even seeing It, is enough to make It aware of you.

And of Blake It did become aware. The change in his behavior was almost immediate. Paranoia, he became easily startled, wasn't getting enough sleep, and excessively recording himself with a video camera. Then Clyde began to see It. Then Lucy. Finally, me.

At first, we didn't know what to make of this odd thing that had infected our lives, and then things got worse. In ways all of you are all too familiar. We tried to reason with It, negotiate with It, bully It, buy It off, battle It off, and even outsmart It. Somehow, It always had the upper hand, and this continued from Sept. 1999-April 2nd 2000.

One day, we were planning to try out fire against it. We made the mistake of going into the woods. Its realm. It grabbed Lucy and I with it's tendrils and we heard it spell out the conditions of the two of us keeping our lives to Clyde and Blake. They become it's faithful servants, and we got our minds completely blanked of the terror and go free.

Believe it or not, Clyde was actually the first to agree, and he had to convince Blake to go along with it. Clyde and I then moved elsewhere where he could watch the Lost Ones.
Lost Ones - people who disappeared and never reappeared. We never understood why It wanted a watchman for where It takes them, but Clyde was sent there everyday, nevertheless.
Likewise, Blake and Lucy were moved to Charleston, Boston.

I eventually came to know of the monster's existance again on my own. I've seen my Clyde talk with It many times without his notice. I followed many of your blogs without comment. Not daring to comment. Eventually, I came across "Drew's Box 'o' Stuff" where I read of Ron's imprisonment and how he was being kept alive for sport. That was the last straw and I confronted Clyde about it and begged him to do something to aid Ron. So Clyde, under the guise of Cerberus, sent out anagrams. He would agree to do no more at the time.

Shortly after, Blake came and kidnapped me. I was kept at his home at first.
Listen, about Blake... I know this may be hard, but try not to hate Blake too much. I've seen the monster toy with him. I once confronted Blake about his role in "The Hunt", and it at first seemed like I was getting through to him. Then Lucy entered the room and passed a window. Slenderman appeared by that window, staring directly at her. The same thing happened when I again tried to get him to reform. While Blake's role in all this is inexcusable, you have to somewhat understand. I saw that thing threaten his wife each time he wavered and did less than act with a mask of sadistic glee at tormenting Ron. Yes, I suspect some of his online and 'Masked' personality were just an act, but I do believe his work under It is warping him. I don't know if he can ever be saved. For Clyde's sake, I hope he can.

Now I Run as many of you have before me while Clyde sets off for Boston. Confession time. I convinced him to go back. I wanted to save my own rescuer. He threw it all away for someone he never met before, save for seeing me at the 'ceremony' that one time.

I know you'll be angry that I shared this, Clyde. But they have a right to now. Plus, I hope that a way to unseal Clyde's lips can be found so that he can tell all about what Slenderman does with disappeared people.

Until next time. Fairwell.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Al(x)ne's clue solved. -Clyde

If one looks to The Land of Black Leaves, you will notice a few new additions. Posts titled by numbers, 15, 3, 5, and 10. They correspond with dates.
Ron awakened in Boston on Febuary 15th.
He vanished agained on the 3rd of March.
Today is the 5th of March.
The last number, 10, must mean the 10th of March.
I have no idea what will happen then, but keep your eyes open.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A few things

One, once Clarice is here now, I will simply be shortening my screen name to 'C' and we will sign our posts to denote who is posting.
Black text for me.
Blue text for her.

We're reached a decision. Clarice will Run. I will recover and then search for Ron.

Fallen Hero

As you must know by now, Ron Foster has fallen. Another light in the vast night sky extinguishes disappearing in that darkness. The Herald of Darkness wraps His dark arms around the fallen Fighter now. A moment of silence for dear Ronald Foster.

He did not fail entirely. Quite the contrary, for in my arms is my love, Clarice. I'll now let her take over typing to tell you what happened in The Ruins: (her prose is in blue)


He saved me. I've been trapped in a deep, dark place with this horrible monster and with men and women no less so. The one called Blake shielded me from being driven into the same madness I saw take others that were dragged into that abysmal place as I was.
At first, I was kept at his house. I read up on the horrible things he did to Ron from his computer. Yet he would be so kind and protective of me when he returned.
I know it's because he's Clyde's friend, and he was looking out for me even though this other man continually berated him for convincing that...thing not to hurt me.
Eventually, the other man ceased control from Blake and I was sent into The Ruins, closely guarded as time passed without hour. I had no watch and it was always dark down there.
Then, yesterday evening, I heard a struggling in the dark just outside my cell. I dared a look through the bars and saw a figure strike another in the head with a metal baseball bat before turning his attention to me. At first, I was frightened, but the man introduced himself as Ron, the one I originally had urged Clyde to help. He convinced me that he was there to help while he unlocked the cell door and let me out. His eyes were those of a kind person and I could see a humanity in them not shared with others in that dark place.
I allowed him to place a tragedy mask over my mask and then lead me out by the head through the uneven streets of The Ruins. I don't know how long we traversed, but on the last leg of the journey, we were discovered.
A voice cried out from behind us. We turned to see a man wearing a Comedy Mask pointing at us. He had recognized my pink jacket. With that, the chase was on as Ron lead me through the streets. No matter where we turned, they pursued us and tried to block us, and did, a number of times. Ron held them off by either striking the nearest oppoents with his bat or by taking out lighters, I think they were, and throwing them. He'd light some kind of string they were wrapped in before throwing them, though. They then burst into flame upon impact with the ground or wall.
Finally, we were attacked by a mere two proxies but Ron overpowered one with the bat he while I took a rock and bashed the other's head in. We forced our way through and before long we were in the home stretch again, but almost immediately after we entered the yard where the gate is located...
....It appeared.
It stared rght at us and we stared right back. I turned to Ron, but he appeared as if lost in paralyzing terror. He then almost broke down and let out a sob as tears streamed down his face. As 'it' began its advance, Ron then swallowed his courage and I could see something change in his eyes. His expression turned from fearful despair to calm resoluteness.
He shoved me towards the entrance. "Go. Run." He then sprinted off the opposite direction from the gate shouting taunts at the creature. From a backpack he carried, he produced what I now know to be The Brand and waved it in the air while still shouting at the monster. It didn't even hesitate to pursue Ron. It was as if I held no worth to the beast compared to Ron's quarry.
It chased that poor young man down and was right behind him even as he ran as fast as he could away from it. Finally, Ron turned to face the beast, bat in hand and at the ready.
I didn't know what to do, but my decision was made for me when the mob also made their reappearance. I ran the last stretch to the Gate. As I passed from that hell back to the human world, I turned back to glance at my rescuer one last time. He... he was on his knees before the monster. It didn't look like it was doing anything to him, and yet...he started bleeding. He looked my way as I vanished through the gate with pleading eyes. Then he passed from my view along with The Ruins and all turned to darkness. I came out the other side into the edge of an alley in Charleston.
Clyde and a cab awaited me and we were soon safely away.

I didn't understand why Ron would throw away his chance of freedom and fleeing this wretched town completely at first. Now I do. That horrible Mark. He must have known it was over for him when the 'Slenderman' appeared. It would have undoubtedly caught us both had he tried to reach the gate with me. It would never let its intended 'prey' escape, let alone get away with The Brand, and I would have been an additional victim. He gave everything he had fought for up...for me.
That poor, poor man. That...that poor, poor man. I wish there was something I could do for him. Is there anything anyone can do for him now? i don't want him to die

Thank you, dear. I'll take over from here. Clarice can't bear to finish this. Well, that's what happened. It was 6:08 PM when Clarice emerged from the Gateway and we hopped into the cab as the mob also appeared from the Gate. I couldn't close it. Another force held it open, but we were able to get away all the same.

In our short time together Ron expressed that he tiring of running all the time and wished to taken direct action against the Slender Man. Yet he also spoke of his childhood. He spoke of his childhood enjoyment of Superman, and of his grandfather, who was a police officer, a "real hero" who was "[Ron's] Superman" he called him. He always said he admired his grandfather above all else and wished to be like him, able to dive into a fray to save someone else.
God rest Ron, brave soul who found his courage.
May a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Ronald Foster (May 1985-March 3rd 2011)

We've left Boston. We were basically chased out by the barking dogs of He That Is every step of the way up until he boarded the Amtrak. If we didn't escape, then what did Ron sacrifice himself for? We're not in a station at another town, deciding where to Run to next.
Clarice wants to go back for Ron, but if He That Is was harming him with an attack incomprehensible to man, then I don't know what hope remains.
We are going to put much thought into this before making another move. We would also appreciate your insights.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Components for Creating the Counter Mark (medicine)

A ground up brown herb from of the lair of He That Is. 1/4 a tea spoon.
Ground Marble. 1/8 tea spoon.
Table Salt. 1/8 tea spoon.
Green food coloring. 1/7 tea spoon.
Mix thoroughly. Pour into the empty swallowing capsules.

The Counter Mark is then complete.
Effects will wear off after 6-12 hours because that is how long the herb lasts on it's own. As the result of only being able to grab one herb, I was only able to make two Counter Marks for Ron to ingest.

Miscalculation and Consequences


I have been released from the hospital. I now lie on one of the two beds in this room. My roommate, Ron, makes merry with something called The Nostalgia Critic. The irate man on the screen is yelling something about a credit card while firing a gun wildly in the air.

Al(x)ne is not one known for caution and has always played his hands quickly, too quickly. He never hesitates to send out The Lone Hunter, his personal assassin, at the first sign of trouble. Or at least, he never did before. I assure you, any time before this, The Hunter would have been out on the streets the instant I made my announcement. Getting him out there was my purpose. However, he saw through my deception and laid a trap to counter my own.

I was so close. I held her hand.

There is another chance for success. Unknown to those laying down their pieces at the other end of the board, Ron's chances are not as dire as originally thought. What that means will make itself clear after tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am Northeast of you, Ron. The neglected buildings just Northeast of your new abode.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Gate Keeper Arrives

To Blake Andrew Fletcher, the Black Leaves,

Black Leaf, my old friend, I can see serving Him has eroded your heart even more than it has mine. Do you not remember why we joined Him to begin with, together, as He literally dangled Clarice and Lucy above our heads? How He was seconds away from taking our respective lovers from us when we offered ourselves to Him. Then He erased their memories of the event and we've been His faithful pawns ever since. That is, until now. Though you seem to have some humanity left, since you are helping me now, friend.
Despite your best efforts to rid yourself of me, I have arrived in Boston very much alive. A band of proxies and a Revenant? Really? You surely did not think such little resistance could truly stop one tasked with guarding where He sends the Lost Ones. Thank you for opening the way and for looking after Clarice, Blake.
I'm coming, Clarice.

To Ron and Slice,

It was foolish to go against He That Is as you are. You are fortunate to still be alive. Leave this to me. I will get the Brand which removes the Mark, myself, while in the process of rescuing my Clarice. You know what to do, Blake.
I do not look for me. I will find you when I return.

Lastly, to my beloved Clarice,

Do not worry. Do not fear. He will not claim you as long as I'm around. He That Is can never have you. I'm here. I've arrived. I'm coming for you. I will save you.

I go now. I will not be able to comment until I return.

A bit of knowledge before I go:

Charleston, Boston is a very old stronghold of He That Is. He has been here ever since the American Industrial Revolution and has long had men such as Al(x)ne buying land and gaining influence to make it easier for Him to control Charleston, as that has been His base of operations for many decades now.

The Mark and The Brand: I do not know His purpose in creating The Brand that Marks humans, or His reasoning in choosing Ron as the subject of this cruel game, but the fact of the matter is, He That Is could Mark any human He wishes during periods of Lost Time. The Brand must be obtained to free Ron, and then I will destroy it. It is one of a kind, as He That Is has not been able to replicate the device.
To get there, I must enter The Ruins. None can reach them save for those granted the ability by He That Is. Even Conduits and Seedlings cannot enter there without the permission He That Is. It is for that reason that Ron could search Boston forever and never be able to free himself of the Mark. He is quite literally unable to enter the realm where the Brand is kept to do so. The number of beings who can enter The Ruins at will are as follows: He That Is, Al(x)ne, Black Leaf, The Lone Hunter who has yet to set his piece down in this game, and myself. Proxies, lesser agents, or Victims, can be allowed in if escorted by one of the former.

The Ruins: It is a small plain located in a rift between our world and His. Its appearance is that of a ruined, rotting mockery of a human town where His servants can gather and never be bothered by His enemies. Ron has seen this place once before. It is the place he went on Febuary 27th. The ruined place where he witnessed a Ceremony and met Al(x)ne.
The entrance on our side is located in Charleston. Anywhere and everywhere in Charleston. The entire location acts as a big proxy for He That Is to do with as He sees fit. In guessing that much, the one called Slice was correct.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Gates Open

The Gatekeeper emerges and begins his own hunt. The black leaves will fall. I am Cerberus. I am Agent no more. Clarice, wait for me.
The black leaves claimed what is mine. For that, revenge. Even against the master's wishes.