Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miscalculation and Consequences


I have been released from the hospital. I now lie on one of the two beds in this room. My roommate, Ron, makes merry with something called The Nostalgia Critic. The irate man on the screen is yelling something about a credit card while firing a gun wildly in the air.

Al(x)ne is not one known for caution and has always played his hands quickly, too quickly. He never hesitates to send out The Lone Hunter, his personal assassin, at the first sign of trouble. Or at least, he never did before. I assure you, any time before this, The Hunter would have been out on the streets the instant I made my announcement. Getting him out there was my purpose. However, he saw through my deception and laid a trap to counter my own.

I was so close. I held her hand.

There is another chance for success. Unknown to those laying down their pieces at the other end of the board, Ron's chances are not as dire as originally thought. What that means will make itself clear after tomorrow night.


  1. Oh my gods, I love the Nostalgia Critic. He's so awesome.

    ...Anyway. There is ALWAYS another chance. It's good that you're okay. *Joce

  2. Are the two of you alright, Clyde? Fill me in.